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I am serious and passionate about teaching. A teacher of young students has to have in mind not only the initial stages but also the long view. I model my method upon that of Yampolsky: I set pedagogical and musical goals according to the nature of the student and we work as a team to achieve them. Each student is different and must be respected as so. 

At Peabody and in my private studio, I am an enthusiastic teacher of children and young adults. I use a combination of materials for my young students, including a primer from the St Petersburg Conservatory "Violinist's Alphabet", Rodionov collected Études, and the Doflein Method books. These materials are used in the pre-college divisions of the St Petersburg and Moscow Conservatories. I am also a proponent of Sevcik and Simon Fischer and incorporate ideas from my own education.


Reading and musicianship are emphasized from the beginning. I encourage students to prepare for examinations such as the Royal Conservatory or ASTACAP certificate programs, to play chamber music, as well as to participate in youth orchestras such as the American Youth Philharmonic, Maryland Classic, and College Park Youth Orchestras. This provides not only an additional performance opportunity but trains students how to prepare. 


Students are encouraged to record their lessons. Check-ins between lessons by video clip or Skype are extremely effective in ensuring students stay on the right track. 


Students or parents interested in my studio please contact me.



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